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Statement from Somyot’s lawyer

At the latest campaign press event in Bangkok, Somyot’s lawyer, Vasant Panich started his statement with a short explanation on the 1rst court ruling (Criminal Court, 23. January 2013). More information on the verdict here.

He explained why he is convinced that Somyot is innocent and should be acquitted of all charges. In his opinion, the court disregarded the related Article of the 2007 constitution: an editor is not liable for the articles published in the media. Therefore he is profoundly convinced that there is no law in Thailand to convict Somyoyt.

Furthermore he explained, why Somyot was not aware of the content of the two articles written by Jakrapob Penkair (aka Jit Pollachan).
1.) The desk at the “Voice of Thaksin” magazine received the articles on short term notice and had not enough time to read these articles in great detail and Somyot was not the responsible proof reader.
2.) Somyot had no reason to mistrust Jakrapob Penkair, because he, Jakrapob, had already written 13 more articles for the magazine “Voice of Thaksin” (in total Jakrapob wrote 15 articles for the 21 volumes of “Voice of Thaksin” before it was relaunched as “Red Power” magazine). Until then there haven’t been any problems or complaints at all.

He also believes, that there is no reason to deny Somyot bail. He never tried to escape or to flee the country.

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