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Letter on the 80th week of prison

Dear P’Yot,
The hectic week passed and I was so tired and lack of stamina from the long term campaign for Free Somyot together with many parties. Our comrades from domestic and international countries lent their support and prayed for the verdict to be released and end the prolonged detention which has already been 20 months. The verdict still could not be given due to the change of judge panel and they have to review many documents and evidences, so they scheduled for 23 Jan 2013 at 9.00 AM. Nevertheless, the date was fixed now which was better than before that we could not predict anything. I have let it go whatever will happen; I thought that everyone did the great job they could do. It was regret that you could not visit our grandma and grandpa together with us in this coming New Year holiday. Grandma asked me about you every time I went there but grandpa could not remember anything. She asked me not to abandon you and take good care of you.
You should have seen on 19 Dec 12 that many people gathered and joined us to observe and witnessed at the court. This was a great record that ordinary people like you who have no big position nor authority got a great support from people around the world. Every one voluntary came to the court without any force, I thought that they wanted to proof the existence of justice in Thailand and witnessed verdict which has not happened and postponed as I said before. Anyway, I have seen some good signs which might lead to the fair trial but I didn’t want to expect too high result and tried to stay calm. I certainly wouldn’t give up. Many people came to talk to you and held your hands tightly to expresses their care and concerns which proved that what you have done was right.
What we need to focus urgently now is to finalize the concluding remark and submit to the court. I have called Khun Suwit and followed-up closely, He has committed to amend it as your comments, some weak points need to be removed and some strong points need to be added. In my opinion, I thought we should win this trial especially there were some verdicts previous that the editors were not accountable for the articles that they did not write and eventually the trials were acquitted. The judge panel could use this basis to consider your trial too.
I just went to the theatre with our kids and watched “Life of Pi” which Tai recommended and there is good feedback about it. It was a story of a young Indian man named Pi who was a son of the Zoo owner. The family was about to relocate to Canada and headed there by boat but it was an accident that killed his parents and elder brother and left him alone with the animals that were transferred together, finally only Bengal Tiger and Pi lived together. While Pi faced the beast which could destroy him anytime but the tiger was in the difficult situation as him too, only two of them were in the same boat. If PI did not see the world from the bright side with positive attitude and lose faith, he could be a victim of tiger or the mad sea. Pi has never given up, he said many times to himself not to be desperate and full of hope to survive, eventually he was alive.
Till now I thought that because you have never surrendered or lose faith which is the right thing, the end of the trial is not far from here and I hope you will not desperate like Pi.
Love you as always

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