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Letter from Somyot to his family

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Section 1, Bangkok Remand Prison
5 December 2012
To Joop, Tai and Tian,
I received your letter dated 17 Nov 2012 and 25 Nov 2012 and I enjoyed reading them so much, they made me thinking of you. It’s been 1 year and 8 months up to now which I have been suffering in prison, I have never thought of facing this brutally law; it’s unexpected and very disappointed about the law itself and legal process which is double standard and injustice. Anyway, I am still confident of my innocence which I should be released eventually.
Time flies so fast every day and the life in prison spins around according to its rule. I exercise every day and work routinely. My weight is now back to normal at 83 kg after it’s gone down to 76 kg. I eat more and everything i.e. a la carte, packed food that we have to make an order a day in advance and sometime I also cook dished such as fried rice, fried noodle etc. we also have transvestites who are good in cooking to cook for us. I normally read the books during my free time and there are many books that I haven’t read yet. Apart from these activities I also talk to other prisoners who are Thais and foreigners mainly about their trials.
At night after the TV news end, I watch the Thai series at channel 5 every day, all of them are soap opera which focus on hate-love among the families and nothing else so I have to watch them every day. Now I become addicted and enjoyed Boung-Rak (บ่วงรัก) which just ended recently. There’re also Korean series e.g. Je-Jung-Won, A legend of Doctor So-Son which I watch every part and it gave lots of knowledge. I sleep after 10 PM at the same time as everybody and sleep well too. I wake up at around 4 or 5 AM, then I have to go out of the jail, take a bath, brush my teeth at 6 PM and have a cup of coffee with bread or other snack. Life goes on like this almost 2 years.
Tai has visited me from time to time and I can catch-up with him about his life but I have hardly met Tian which I miss her so much. I don’t know whether she has passed the university exam and able to enroll into the Silpakorn University as she love to. I believe she can do as she is so smart.
Love & Miss all of you
Somyot Prueksakasemsuk

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