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Letter week 78

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Week 78 of the prolonged detention
9 December 2012
Dear P’Yot,
I was happier this week but still very busy from the year-end appraisal of my direct reports and other urgent matters which were unplanned and deadline set in this week. Anyway I could manage to take a break with Tian to see the light at Uttayan Road while I drove her to dormitory. This road has another name as Axis (pronounce as Ax-xa in Thai) located at Bhuddamonthol 4 and it was the most expensive road. It was constructed at the time of Field Marshal Por in 2498 (Buddhist Era) and was put on hold for a long time after the coup by Field Marshal Sarit. It was just finished in 2542. This road was 4 kilometers long and decorated with lanterns all the way down the road, when the lanterns turn on at night, it was so beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful road in Thailand! When I re-thought, if we didn’t have recurrent coups so many times like this, this road should have been finished earlier. When someone said the coups would help stopping corruptions and gain national development, I wouldn’t agree. If so, how come we spent 44 years constructed this road? Moreover this road was the most expensive road ever; just 4 kilometers costed for almost THB 1,100 million. If we roughly divided by 4, it would cost THB 500 million per kilometer.
Yesterday I have attended an opening new book “Rak Auy”(Love) written by Pa Ueh (Ah-Kong’s wife) which was organized by the Read Publishing House. The event began in the morning but I just joined them in the afternoon in time when Ajarn Somsak spoke about the root cause of tragedy of Ah-Kong. I was invited to talk about this book but hadn’t read it yet prior to this event. So I have to prepare my knowledge and must read it. Before that I’m afraid of crying and depress, you know it’s hard to control when I have to face other’s people sad story. Anyway, when I read it, it wasn’t shaken my heart as expected. Pa Ueh described her romantic marriage life with Ah-Kong. It was a beautiful moment when I read that Ah-Kong found a pleat skirt which he thought it was suit Pa Ueh perfectly. He bought it immediately without reluctance and considered the green skirt might not get along well with skin tone of Pa Ueh. These small little things that expressed love of Ah-Kong and Pa Ueh were the natural expressions that an older generation like our parents always do. It was regret that Pa Ueh has no opportunity to live together with her loved one, not even had a chance to say good bye before his last breath. Oh! The unlawful article 112 made our life in danger and in trouble.
It was late and time to go to bed now. I wish you have courage to continue fighting with unlawful law, sooner or later we will see the light of fairness. We believe in a universal fairness i.e. right to bail, freedom of speech, freedom of writing and publishing as well as democracy that everyone regardless of rich or poor, will all have equality. That date will come soon.
Love you as always.

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