Letter 77

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Week 77 of the prolonged detention
2 December 2012
Good afternoon P’Yot,
I was bored today and wasted my time to make up my mind for half a day this morning. When we were in the bad mood, we shouldn’t transfer that mood to the other. So I had to make up my mind, doing something to fresh it up. It was better in the afternoon so I started to write to you as promised. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I was very happy to see you smiled on last Friday while I visited you. The feeling is like a virus, it can infect others very quick. When you were happy, I was happy too, when you were sad, it reflected me as well.
The thing that annoyed me today was about one web-board that posted the wrong information about us. I didn’t know why they did that, actually we are open, if they wanted to know anything they could get information easily from us or from other sources. But I felt that people were selfish and selective, they just wanted to hear and got information that they believed. They didn’t even try to seek truth or asked why things happened in that way. People judged other easily just because we were different, we didn’t think the same and we didn’t believe the same thing. In my opinion, they would not sharpen their wisdom because of their bias and perception.
However, there were still some good things happened in the afternoon, I hope you still recall Muareen from Australia who used to be a volunteer and worked for your organization, Centre for Labor Information Service and Training (CLIST), when you just operated the center. She has sent email to me late last year after she heard about your detention and asked me a lot about you. I haven’t seen her for a very long time and also forgot that we have another Australian friend. It was a deep impression that the good thing you gave to the others have returned to you within this life. It has a big impact to my emotion just now.
Maureen also sent photos that her friends, both adult and children took in Australia to us at Free Somyot Facebook. They put the same words “Free Somyot” on their palms and took photos together. These were very cute and lovely so I relieved from the bad mood quickly.
Because you are inside the prison so you wouldn’t know how many people care about your health and well-being. I guarantee you that they have never forgot about you. They have done whatever they could to promote solidarity and justice. Nowadays people around the world, international and national campaign for your freedom, they voice up gradually and louder enough to be heard by the authorized person.
The verdict is coming soon and scheduled for 19 December 2012. All of us can’t wait any longer to hear it. I was very excited and you would be more excited than me. It has been a very long journey for almost 2 years and would eventually reach its destination. You were claimed to be the editor-in-chief who did not write the articles yourself, were charged and detained without the verdict for more than 19 months. This charge was very severe and related to the Thai National security which I could not figure out how it can be linked together. It was funny as you did not have any weapon and were very far from the terrorist image. I am wondering how we can provide constructive feedback for improvement in the future if we are not permitted to have freedom of expression. Freedom belongs to us since we were born and anyone shouldn’t take away from us.
Before I end up this letter, I wish you maintain your good spirit, good health and well-being. You should practice to void your feeling, don’t think about what will happen, be patient. The happiness moment is when we are void of all feeling, void of all being (Buddhadasa’s quote)
Love you as usual.
2 Dec 2012 : 15:53 hrs.

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