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Letter week 76

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25 November 2012
Good afternoon P’Yot,
I’m hesitant and unsure what to write to you today, mainly because there are so many things happening in Thailand. Yesterday it was a very excited day for me who has never joined any protest before. A group called Pitak Siam brought people all over the country to protest at the Makkhawan bridge since early morning, then the demonstrators clashed with the polices and the tear gas was used to stop and suspend the demonstrators. This protest had begun with violence because the emotion of protesters were high and were stimulated by the leaders, however it was rained and people felt tired, they might not have a very clear common goal why they have to protest this time. There is no real objective so they did not have direction to go, the protest was failed and stopped at the end of the day. The aim to go back and use the selection system to appoint the ruler was a very old and outdated mindset. None of any international country has used this system to find a good government to rule the country. If the people are not happy with the elected government, they would not vote for them again next time, it is really simple. The reason that Pitak Siam gave was not logic and seems to bring the country backward to the past. I thought that if we live in the unstable environment like our country this time, it will limit us from thinking wiser and deeper. We will see and act upon daily situation without carefully analyzing it. Sometime it is better to stay quietly, take time to realize and think smarter.
In fact today I planned to go to Suanmok Bangkok which is located at Suan Rodfai (Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives – BIA) to find some good and thoughtful books for my mind but the weather was not good in the morning so I changed my plan to stay at home and tidy up the book shelf. Unbelievable that I just realized we have so many books, it took me half a day to clean up and rearranged them. One book that I have given to you earlier this year “Second half” or in Thai is ครึ่งหนึ่งของกันและกัน from the real life of Ajarn Karuna – Ruang-urai Kusarasai (อาจารย์กรุณา เรืองอุไร กุศลาสัย). This is my favorite book, I wanted to praise both of them for their endure love and courage. Ajarn Karuna was detained for almost 10 years with the allegation that is irony from the eyes of the new generation like us, that is being communist! (it is funny that Ajarn Karuna just only went to China, once he returned to Thailand he was charged with this act). Both of them really cared each other so much and loved each other purely and deeply. They have never abandoned other even in the crisis situation and they lived together until the end of Ajarn Karuna’s life in 2009.
I have never expected that we will live long and do more beneficial things like them. No one knows the future but I only expect that we can do the best as we can today at the present. We can maintain our consciousness at all time and do our duty for family and society. I am trying my best to play the role of wife and mom for our 2 children and doing my best at work based on my ability and time that I have. You should also be happy that what you have done to support the new prisoners is really great. They all came into the prison with fear and paranoid but you have calmed them down, supported and guided them through the daily live in prison which is the best thing that you could do in this situation. I met some of them and they felt very thankful to you, they always think of you.
Love you as usual.

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