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Week 75 Letter to Somyot

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17 Nov 2012
Week 75 of the prolonged detention.
Dear P’Yot,
We have just met on Thursday this week, this time I have a Swedish lady accompaneid me to the prison. She has expressed the need to meet you and we have been contacting via email since February this yesr. She has heard about you being charged and detained in prison and felt very worried because she has worked as freelance jounrlist which is similar to you. She really understood this situation and told that in many countries, many journalists, reporters and media producers who reported the news genuinely and transparently which affected the authorities and power groups would be treated badly, were threatened and even arrested and put in jail like you.
After our meeting in prison ended, she and I have talked for a long time on that day. There were many questions that made me touched and depressed. She told that when she asked you whether you would like to give up, plead guilty and seek royal pardon but you responded to her firmly that you did not do anything wrong, you are innocent and you would like to see the fair trial and wish everyone follow due process of law. She spoke about you that you are truly brave and a real fighter which I should be proud of you. At that moment, I have been overwhelming with a combined feeling of proud and bitter. I am infact very proud of you but also acknowledged the challenge and have tried hard to handle this crisis.
Yesterday the lawyer called me and cancelled the appointment with you in that afternoon as they were still stuck in the traffic. They would be able to meet you and review the trial conclusion on next Tuesday or Wednesday. That is another challenge, you could not scheule and meet your lawyers conveniently and have to wait for their availabilities. As everyone knows, the lawyers are always busy and they could not talk to you as often as we need and we have limitation to consult about the testomony, evidences and the closing of trial. Nevertheless, I still have hope that this trial will be considered and judged fairly according to the law, process and evidences.
I really hope that you will soon be free.
Love you endlessly,

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