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Letter to Somyot, week 74

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10 Nov 2012
Week 74 of the prolonged detention.
Dear P’Yot,
A week has passed and I were delighted to see your hand-made bag when I visited you last Tuseday. I have never known your handicraft skills and didn’t realize that you could do this thing. It’s just a practice so the stiches were inconsistent, anyway there’re still some room for improvement. You said it was a way to spend plenty of time in prison which I couldn’t agree with you more and encouraged you to do this kind of thing. Trust me, I promised to buy you a sewing machine when you released.
As requested, I would try to find movies that you want to watch and pass them to the officer to play in the library during the recreation period but I’m not sure if I could get James Bond the new part – SkyFall as you recommended. Talking about the movies, just wanted to tell you that yesterday I have joined the documentary film and seminar at the Reading Room. They have played a film made from Gene Sharp book of “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. Gene Sharp was nominated for Nobel Peach Prize and the film called “How to Start a Revolution”. In my opinion, it was really good film and hope you can watch it someday. It talked about the expereinces of ordinary people fighting against dictatorships in many areas of the world i.e. Tien An Men of China, Serbia, Vietnam war and Egyption Revolution to expel Hosni Mubarak. Gene Sharp summarized the lessons learned from these incidents sharply as his name. For example, to win the violent we must use non-violent resistance methods and pay attention to the contingency plans when things go wrong. This was learned from the Tien An Men that the students went out for protesting without any preparation and did not know what to do next and many of them were killed. We should have learned this before our protest in 2010, anyway it is not too late to study it and prevent the failure if we have to do it again next time.
Finally I just wanted to tell you and all prisoners that we, family members such as Aunty Ue, Aunty Noi, Father Keechiang as wel las Ajarn Wan, Nong Boy and many more are talking and reminding society about the toxic of misuse of article 112. It has a hugh impact and stigma to all of us and we hope to see no more people get hurt from this law. We will do whatever we can to prevent it.
Love you as always,

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