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19th December campaign target BAIL!

December 4, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
On Monday the 21st November the first testimony from the prosecution witness was heard in court in Sa Keo. The witness, a female immigration officer working on the Thai-Cambodia border  who initiatied Somyot’s arrest on the 30thApril 2011, gave evidence stating that Somyot had not attempted to corss the border illegally. Rather, he was arrested trying to pass through the legal immigration check point, something that he would not have attempted given the relative ease for people to avoide border controls. This is a good indication that, despite prosecution claims, Somyot was not attempting to flee Thailand in order to avoid arrest and that the charges made against him were false.
This statement supports Somyot’s request for bail and the Free Somyot Campaign is now focussing on building support via an open protest letter for Somyot’s request for bail to be accepted. He and his lawyers have requested bail four times this year, all have been denied without good cause.
The next trail date will be 19 December 2011  in Petchabun Province. International observers and supporters of the campaign were highly active in observing and monitoring this first court hearing and will also be in attendance on the next date. We hope to bring you live coverage on the day from the campaigns websites:
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