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August Campaign Update

Here is update of the Somyot Somyos Pruksakasemsuk who was charged under draconian Lese Majeste Law  and still imprisoned. He was  arrested and imprisonment without any rights to bail since 30 April 2011. After being detained for 84 days, he was brought to court and being charged under Lese Majeste Law on  the 25 August 2011.


There will be a pre-trail hearing on the 12 Sept 2011.
(read here: https://freesomyot.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/update-on-somyot-pruksakasemsuk-somyot-brought-to-court-charged-under-lese-majeste-law-next-trial-on-1292011/)

Since the new government was formed in Thailand many red shirts political prisoners are being released on bail with  applications being submitted by the ruling PT Party.  Most of these prisoners were detained under Emergency Ordinance in April 2010.  On the  20 august 2011  the MPs from Prue Thai Party also submitted the bail application for Somyot and another political prisoner charged under Lese Majeste : Surachai. However their  applications  were rejected.

The decision of the court reflects their position to deny the right to bail for political prisoners ,  especially those who were charged under Lese Majeste Law.

Press coverage of this situation

Reporters Without Borders
Committee to Protect Journalists article

Thai PM commits to review Lese Majeste


UN human rights report and lese majeste

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