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UN Human Rights Committee speaks out against Lese Majeste

                   Palais des Nations, Press Room 1 – 1330 pm

     GENEVA – Blasphemy laws, “memory” laws, laws on such matters as
     treason, counter-terrorism, lese majeste, desacato, defamation of the
     head of state, the protection of honour of public officials…the UN
     Human Rights Committee will today share with the media its new General
     Comment on the rights to freedom of opinion and expression which sets
     out just how far such restrictions on these fundamental human rights
     can go.

     “This constitutes the most authoritative interpretation of one of the
     most challenged and sensitive topics in international human rights
     law,” said committee member Michael O’Flaherty, who guided the General
     Comment through the Committee.

     “It is a comprehensive response to numerous requests from lawmakers,
     judges, prosecutors, lawyers, rights defenders and even journalists
     asking for clarification on many of the issues covered by the rights
     to freedom of expression and opinion.”

     Among other issues, the Human Rights Committee states in its General
     Comment that freedom of expression protections extend to new media and
     information platforms. It also offers the most comprehensive analysis
     yet in international human rights law of a right of access to
     information held by public bodies.

     Learn more about the mandate and work of Human Rights Committee:

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