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Press: Use of Lese Majeste politically motivated

Red shirt cases reflect politics and injustice Red Shirt cases article

In the Bangkok Post, Achara Ashayagachat reports  that the Truth for Reconciliation Commission has urged that prosecutions against red shirts arrested following 2010′s “deadly dispersal of the protesters” should be suspended.

Commissioner Somchai Homla-or said  “justice was the best remedy for the victims and the remedy was a pre-requisite for the needed reconciliation.” It was noted that “[s]trong accusations by the last [Abhisit Vejjajiva] administration led to excessive charges which had resulted in the courts denying bail requests by many red shirt suspects.”

While Tharit Pengdit, chief of the Department of Special Investigation, said the Department did not arbitrarily charge anyone, Somchai “said defendants in at least 53 cases face serious charges such as arson and terrorism which are punishable by death.” He referred to “blanket arrests and the issuance of warrants based only on photos of suspects [that] have led to a sense of unfairness…”.

Somchai added the important point that “imposing serious charges such as lese majeste against many red shirts was politically motivated.” He also notes that there was remarkable bias in court actions: “only the protesters were on trial, but not the government officials…”, emphasizing “the sense of injustice…”. More.

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