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Message from Somyot!

During the campaign team’s visit, Somyot said the following:  

‘I deeply appreciate international support from friends around the world. Your support gives me spirit and hope. International support is not only keeping me strong but also a significant factor to sent messages to Thai government and justice institution to respect the basic rights, the right to bail, freedom of speech, and remove discrimination against political prisoners’.

When asked whether he has heard about the ongoing international campaigns for his release, such as the activity in Copenhagen, Netherlands, Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and thousands of letters from international community and books from authors around the world to the prison librarian in Thailand, he said he has heard about the activities and efforts from friends who came to visit him. He believes Thai government has been informed of the great campaign efforts from Thai embassy and media reports but so far the government has failed to act as the government had little concern on international community and human rights standards. However, with the atmosphere after the general elections was held in Thailand on 3rd July, he hopes there will be improvements in the area of human rights, and that discrimination against political prisoners will be removed very soon.

He also said Thai and international civil society, labour organizations, trade union movement have to work together to uphold the human rights principle. Thailand as a member of international community will also learn and improve the situation.  The government needs to find measures to address the human rights issue urgently.

At the time of visit (6th July), Somyot has been imprisoned – without trial – for 68 days.  

The right to bail is the priority for Somyot and other political prisoners!

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