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Launching the campaign

This is the launch for the campaign calling for the release of Somyot Pruksakasemsuk. He has just completed one month in Bangkok Remand Prison for his political and journalistic activities. He is amongst 100s of politically active people in Thailand who have been detained under Article 112, the lese-majeste law, in the run up to the Thai elections in July. For more information go to this website, http://www.freesomyot.wordpress.com

We are asking you to do two things.

The first is to submit a letter of protest to the Thai Prime Minister and to the Thai Embassy in your country. To do this go to https://freesomyot.wordpress.com/letter-to-thai-prime-minister/

The second request is to send Somyot a book or some creative product, in his capacity as the Librarian of Bangkok Prison (yes, seriously, he is the librarian!). You can do this either by post to: The Librarian, Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, Bangkok Remand Prison, 33 Ngamvongvan Road, Ladyao, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900  or electronically to thelibrarianofbangkokprison@yahoo.co.uk

Your action will help to keep international attention on Somyot and the other activists which raises both their safety and their chances of release.

With enormous thanks, The Librarian of Bangkok Prison

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